Stabilization methods

Support bars are an indispensable element of shower enclosures, shower doors and bathtub screens. By using them, it is possible to create durable and stable structures. The type of support bars used depends on several factors: the series and the size of the shower enclosure, but also the unusual situation in the bathroom.

Standard types of stabilization

Perpendicular support bar
Oblique support bar
Parallel support bar
Cross support bar

Non-standard types of stabilization

Telescopic support bar

Stabilizing element, mounted to the ceiling, designed for Modo New and Euphoria Walk-in shower enclosures. The telescopic suport bar is used when it is not possible to use standard stabilizer mounted to the wall, e.g. a shower enclosure under the slant or close to a window.

Support bar for the slants

Stabilizing element that allows the installation of a shower enclosure under the slant. In this case, it is necessary to use a suport bar with movable fixings – for the glass of the cabin and the wall. Each of these elements can be adjusted in the range of 90°. The suport bar for the slants is designed for fixing on glass with a thickness of 6 and 8 mm.